Christian Brothers College High School

Your Act of Generosity,
Our Longevity

With PLANNED GIVING, you can provide long-lasting support for Christian Brothers College High School while enjoying financial benefits for yourself.

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Donor Stories

  • Patrick M Flachs '68 and Lorraine P. Flachs
    Patrick M Flachs '68 and Lorraine P. Flachs
    Patrick Flachs '68 credits CBC high school for providing him the strength and character to be successful as he matriculated to West Point...
  • Act Now to Save on Taxes
    Act Now to Save on Taxes
    Bob Shulze's mother wanted her boys to get a good education and worked hard to make that happen. Bob and two of his brothers attended CBC.
  • A Quiet Example A Lasting Legacy
    A Quiet Example A Lasting Legacy
    Following a humble life committed to helping others, Fr. Richard Weidert '50 leaves an incredible gift to support CBC's mission of serving young men.
  • A True Cadet
    A True Cadet
    Through a life committed to faith and service, Msgr. Edward Reilly '45 valued his CBC roots.
  • Michael and Barbara Richter
    Michael and Barbara Richter
    Michael and Barbara Richter have come to value education much differently over the years...

Gift Examples

  • Bequests
    Joe and Anna have been faithful supporters to a local high school. They believe it is important to help further its mission.
  • Using a Beneficiary Designation to Make a Gift to Charity
    Joanne and her late husband Hal had been longtime supporters of their favorite organization. Recently, Joanne's children encouraged her to update her estate plan.
  • Fixed Income for Retirement
    After working for decades as a pediatrician in a small town, Patricia is ready to retire.
  • Capital Gains Tax Bypassed
    Peter and Gail were nearing retirement. Over the years, with the help of their financial advisor, they made solid investments in securities and built a sizable portfolio.
  • Peace of Mind Gift Annuity
    Many years ago, Clara bought a home. Since she was very pleased with her home, she bought stock in the company that built the home.
  • Endowment Gift
    Pat and Shelly were recently married. They both had been dedicated volunteers at their favorite charity for many years.
  • The Retirement Unitrust
    Mary grew up on a farm. When her parents passed away, she and her husband Bill inherited the farm.
  • Flexible Deferred Gift Annuity
    Luis is a 54-year-old executive at a large healthcare company. He purchased company stock during years when the stock price was low, and now the stock has grown substantially in value.
  • Current Gifts
    As is the case with many families, there are times each year when Jim and Sharon focus their attention on gift giving.
  • Deferred Gift Annuity
    Several years ago, Larry and Allison invested $30,000 in what they believed to be an attractive stock.
  • What Will You Do with Your Unspent Retirement Savings?
    Michael and Kelly were retired engineers with two adult children. They owned a home, some stocks, and IRAs.
  • A Bequest to Save Taxes
    Thomas was a widower who had a great love for his favorite organization. As an individual who had directly benefited from its work, Thomas wanted to thank the organization with a gift from his estate.
  • Leading for the Future
    Luke and Cynthia spent many years volunteering and supporting their favorite charity. They wanted to give back in a way that would help fulfill its mission.
  • Providing for Our Children's Future
    Ron and Kathy worked for many years building their nest egg for retirement.
  • Bequest of Insurance
    Marla and Wayne purchased a life insurance policy many years ago to create security for their children's future.
  • Testamentary Charitable Remainder Unitrust: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!
    We have all heard the saying "You can't have your cake and eat it too." This phrase describes a situation where we want two good things at the same time when that isn't possible.